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A multifaceted Land; the region of Rabat Salé Zemmour Zaer occupies a strategic place, due to the fact that it is home to the Kingdom’s capital.

Equally welcoming all major national and international institutions as well as all diplomatic missions, it offers a pleasant living environment, modern infrastructure and business-friendly governance.

Engaging by the diversity of its landscapes, its attractive economic strengths and the richness of its heritage and its people, the region works every day to fully enter the new millennium.

Contributing 14% of wealth creation at the national level, it is also distinguished by the diversity of its economy, where highly innovative sectors such as microelectronics, offshoring and aeronautics coexist with more traditional sectors such as textile, leather and food processing.

The region has ambitious tourism prospects through the launch of major projects with the objective of upgrading the Atlantic coast and the banks of the river Bouregreg, without neglecting the hinterland.

In addition, a region of sun and light, largely irrigated, RSZZ equally enjoys a remarkable natural and environmental heritage, including a forest area covering 305,000 hectares, agronomical tests garden, a green belt and many sites that play a role in the conservation of biodiversity and eco systems. Sustainable development aims to preserve this environment that represents the future of all.

Job creation, technological innovation, competitiveness and attractiveness, education, sustainable development ... these are the slogans adopted by everyday players in the RSZZ area to make this a land of success.

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