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Home Region Quality of life
With its 2.5 million inhabitants, the RSZZ region offers a pleasant living environment, where all generations live in harmony.
In terms of education, young students in the region are welcomed each year in:
  • 900 primary schools,
  • 225 public and private schools and colleges,
  • 2 public universities, with eight faculties providing the essential training and a private Moroccan university, the International University of Rabat that provides courses in Business-Management in Information Technology and Communication, Transport Engineering, in Political Science and International Relations and Architecture and Design.
  • Forty schools and higher education institutes, public and private, of which the following can be named: the Mohammedia School of Engineers, the National School of Computer Science and Systems Analysis, the Mineral Industry National School, the Hassan II Institute of Agronomy and Veterinary, etc ...
  • 200 public and private vocational training institutions.
From a public health perspective, the inhabitants of the region RSZZ benefit the best service there is as all the bodies of all medical specialties are present, throughout:
  • A university hospital,
  • 15 public hospitals,
  • 50 private clinics,
  • 4,657 public and private doctors,
  • 1075 pharmacies,
  • Close to 4,000 public paramedics
Medical and paramedical personnel  of  the region

Furthermore, the population of the RSZZ region enjoys a diverse and materially good quality habitat, and indeed, according to a study carried out by the RSZZ Regional Observatory in 2009, nearly 87% of households of the metropolitan area of Rabat - Salé-Skhirat-Temara are satisfied or very satisfied with their housing conditions.

It should be noted in this regard that in 2004 more than half the population of the region (55.9%) lived in a type of housing called "Moroccan house", 15.2% in flats and nearly 4% in villas.

"Being a home owner" is the wish of all Moroccan citizens, in the RSZZ region, 59% of the inhabitants have realised this want, taking advantage of the great opportunities that are presented through real estate projects initiated in the region, which consequently establish towns in living spaces respectful of conviviality and dignity, and equally concerned with the preservation of the environment, strengthening urban transport and the quality of social services.

Homeownership is a phenomenon that can only grow in the future, as a result of population growth but also improving the standard of living of households, as evidenced by the GDP / capita in the region which reached 33,439 DH in 2007 (19,982 against the national average for DH) and the final consumption expenditure of households was 15,976 DH / capita, exceeding the national average to 11,673 DH. (Source: PHC study: Regional Accounts, March 2010).

To create Rabat and its surrounding area’s future habitats means to take advantage now of the various opportunities that present themselves already, through the major structural projects initiated in the region.
These are in this case:
  • 1,700 residential units which will be proposed by the Bab Al Bahr program, as part of the Bouregreg Valley development;
  • 460 hectares dedicated to housing in the new city of Tamesna, and offer all types of accommodation to house a population of 250,000 souls;
  • 850 housing units in the form of semi-detached villas, riads and apartments, planned as part of the Bouknadel Beach development ;
  • 372 hectares dedicated to habitat, as well as a residential community, planned as part of the new urban centre "Firdaous" underway in Ain Aouda;
  • 3328 apartments will be constructed by the Achghal Ain Aouda Investment Group;
  • 562 residential units which will be marketed under the Riad Al Andalous project in Rabat;
Finally, on the sports and recreation side, Rabat and its region offer a multitude of sports clubs and high quality relaxation, be it tennis clubs, water sports, horse riding, bowling, ice skating, as well as fitness centres, spas, etc.;

Equally Let us also not forget the Dar Essalam Golf course, known worldwide, consisting of 3 courses and extending over 440 hectares it attracts the world’s greatest golfers at the prestigious Hassan II Golf Trophy tournament.

For pleasant moments of relaxation and promenade, the area offers visitors numerous green spaces, including “Triangle de Vue” Park, the Belvedere and the “Jardin d’Essais Botaniques” or the eucalyptus forest in Rabat, not to mention the magnificent Chellah gardens and the Andalusian garden of the Oudayas.

Visitors will equally be able to discover the world of botany, during a visit to the Exotic Bouknadel Garden, they will soon be able to discover the biodiversity of the African savannah, the Moroccan mountains, the rainforest, the desert and the wetlands through the reconstitution of the natural habitats of 870 animals, as planned for in the new Zoological Park that will open its doors in Rabat in early 2011.

Rabat and its surrounding area, also plays host to live shows, festivals, parties and moussems that allow everyone to experience cultural event and have fun according to their desires. Moussem Sidi Brahim Boulaajoul, moussem Rommani, moussem Chraga, Sale’s candles procession, etc. ..

In addition to being an ancient land of welcome and gatherings, the RSZZ region offers original events of both national and international nature, mixing genres and leaving the door open to outside influences.

As for the tourist, local or foreign, they will find upmarket accommodation in anyone of 44 classified hotels in the area or the many guest houses, authentic havens of peace and freshness in the medina of Rabat and Salé, the they can eat in the listed restaurants, offering a varied and refined cuisine.

Classified establishments in the region of RSZZ

Finally, visitors can complete their journey in the region, with a walk and shopping at one of the 65 retail spaces and malls, offering 150 outlets, half of which are concerned with personal goods (fashion items, clothes, shoes ,), followed by services and leisure sector.

Upgrading of urban transport

Because of the major projects initiated during this decade in the metropolitan area of Temara Rabat Salé, this area is undergoing a sea of change that will create a new dynamic both in terms of urban transport and in terms of upgrading infrastructure.

As such, a major project to upgrade urban transport has already been initiated, through two complementary components: the bus and tramway.

As such, a major project to upgrade urban transport has already been initiated, through two complementary components: the bus and tramway.
The network set up revolves around both the renewal of the existing bus fleet through the introduction of 400 new buses of which 150 are articulated, and around the redesign of the lines, and also the modernization of ticketing, improving route circulation and installation of modern bus shelters. This new approach offers modernity, reliability and comfort to our fellow citizens in their daily travels, and all that for a low tariff as well as special rates for various high school and college students and in a general way all the families, including those on a low income.

The tram fits in perfectly with the objective of upgrading the metropolitan area’s urban transport, since in tandem with buses it allows the development of an integrated transport system.

Indeed, the network, in its first phase, will be configured in two lines: the first connecting Hay Karima in Sale to the neighbourhood of Agdal and the Universities in Rabat and the second connecting the neighbourhood of Bettana in Sale to the neighbourhood of l’Océan in Rabat, at the hospital Moulay Youssef, along the Medina.

In addition, a common core of 3 km will connect Sale’s town centre  to Rabat’s town centre, crossing the Bouregreg valley over the future Moulay Al Hassan bridge.

Thus, the global bus-tram network will provide an appropriate solution to the public transport problem in Greater Rabat-Salé-Temara, through comfortable, environmentally friendly and modern transportation, ensuring a high regularity of service.
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