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In addition to three aquifers (the Maâmora aquifer, Temara aquifer and that of Shoul) which are important water reservoirs, the region also has two major rivers (wadis Beht and Bouregreg), with some hundred or so small tributaries and a lake (Dayt Roumi).
As for surface waters, they are regulated by two large dams, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah and El Kansa, as well as eleven hill dams, playing a leading role in meeting the needs of drinking water, industrial and agricultural needs.

Real wealth of the region, the forestry domain covers an area of 305,500 hectares, representing 3.4% of the national forest estate, Maâmora forest alone cover 244,000 hectares.

In addition, the region includes sites of biological and ecological interest (SIBE), such as Wadi Cherrat, Korifla, Dayt Roumi, Kharouba, Cliff Sidi Moussa, etc ... that are of great importance for the conservation of biodiversity, because of their richness in fauna and flora and their role against desertification.

Finally, on environmental terms, Rabat Temara green belt, an area of 1100 hectares, and Dar Salam, Korifla and Mkhinza forests, playing a major role in the ecological balance, as well as Rabat’s newly renovated agronomical tests garden, and Rabat’s future zoological park the opening of which is planned for later in 2011, will not fail to also work for the conservation of biodiversity and ecological balance.
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