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With 2,547,000 inhabitants in 2008, the RSZZ region represents 8.1% of the total population of Morocco (source: Morocco in Figures 2008, HCP).
This population is characterized by:

Strong urbanization: the urban population of the RSZZ region was 2,111,000 people in 2008, representing 82.8% of the total population of the region and, as a result of population growth and the urban migration, urbanization in the region continues to grow year by year, at an annual rate of 2.1%.

However, it should be noted that although the population of the Prefecture of Rabat is urban in its entirety and that the population of Sale is more than 95% urban, it is not the same case for the population of the Province of Khemisset whose urban population only represent 43.2%.

Population Distribution by Province or Prefecture in 2008

(In thousands)

total Population

urbaine Population

% urbaine population




100 %




95,3 %

Skhirat Temara



80,7 %




43,2 %




82,8 %

(source: Morocco in Figures 2008, HCP).
  • A strong geographic concentration: the town of Rabat Sale alone has 1,545,000 people in 2008, 60.6% of the total population of the region; for its part, the Province of Khemisset is home to 21% of the Total of the population of the region, the prefecture of Skhirat Temara is the least populated, with 467,000 inhabitants;
  • A labour force participation rate of people aged 15 to 59 years of 45.2%, below the national average which stands at 50.6%. Moreover, whether in rural or urban domains, the participation rate for men is significantly higher than women;
  • The middle classes, eager to access new types of consumption, constitute almost 62% of the total population of the region;
  • RSZZ is the second region in Morocco to wealth creation, with a 13.6% share;
  • RSZZ is the largest centre for communications and transport activities in Morocco, with a ratio of 37.9%;
  • It provides 15.4% of the financial activities of the kingdom;
  • The per capita GDP stands at over 33,000 DH, exceeding the national average of 20,000 DH;
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