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With this momentum, the region has an undeniable attraction for investors and for their employees, in a comfortable and modern environment, combining authenticity and modernity.

Authenticity through its rich history, which include the many sites and monuments that have marked its history, for example the Oudayas Kasbah, built in the twelfth century by the Almohads and later housed the Andalusians after they were driven out of Spain and who have itched their influence on it or the Chellah Merinid necropolis built in the thirteenth century, partly destroyed by an earthquake in 1755 and is now a listed site and is protected by the kingdom.

There is also the Bouregreg river to which the cities of Rabat and Sale owe their birth, more than twenty centuries ago and is currently the subject to a remarkable regeneration, through the creation of a marina, docks and piers.

The Hassan Tower, unfinished mosque, long ignored, but that has now been restored, has become the emblem of Rabat and the pride of its inhabitants.

The choice of the construction of the Mohamed V Mausoleum at its feet is symbolic of the Moroccans’ interest in the monument.

Citing equally among the ancient touristic riches of the region the medinas of Rabat and Sale, the various Merinid and Almohads gates and walls that surround and the two cities (Bab Al Had, Ruach Bab, Bab Al Alou, Bab El Mrissa, ...) and also the Sale madrasa, with its carved cedar canopy of great delicacy, which has been completely restored.

Likewise, the multitude of institutions and cultural events make Rabat and its surroundings a true cultural capital. Some examples Include:

  • Mohamed V Theatre;
  • The recently inaugurated National Library of Morocco;
  • the “Villa des Arts” in Rabat, a place of learning and leisure;
  • the 14 libraries that swarm across the territory;
  • the Oudayas Ethnographic Museum;
  • The Archaeological Museum of Rabat;
  • Belghazi Museum of Sale;
  • 7 cultural centers and other centers within the embassies of foreign countries,
  • 5 music and dance conservatories;
  • 41 galleries and exhibition halls and conference centers

Not to mention the works in progress, such as the Contemporary Arts Museum, the National Conservatory of Music and Dance, the Arts and Crafts City on the banks of Sale, etc… that will enrich the cultural landscape of Rabat.

Modernity by the various places of sport, recreation and leisure.

Indeed, from sports and leisure side, Rabat and its region offer a multitude of sports clubs and high quality relaxation, be it tennis clubs, water sports, horse riding, bowling, ice skating, as well as fitness centers, SPAs, etc.. ;

In addition, the “Golf Dar Es Salam”, world famous golf, consisting of 3 courses and extending over 440 hectares, which attracts the greatest golfers in the world, at the prestigious Hassan II Golf Trophy.

For pleasant moments of relaxation and promenade, the area offers visitors many parks, such as Triangle Park View, the Belvedere and the Test Garden or the eucalyptus forest in Rabat, not to mention beautiful gardens of Chellah and the Oudayas Andalusian garden.

Visitors can also discover the botany world, during a visit to the exotic Bouknadel gardens and they will soon discover the biodiversity of the African savannah, the Moroccan mountains, tropical forest, desert and wetlands through reconstructions of the natural habitats of 870 animals, as projected in the new Zoological park that will open its doors in early 2011 in Rabat.

Rabat and its surroundings, also host live shows, festivals, parties and moussems that allow everyone to have fun and grow according to their desires. These events are expressed in dances, fantasias and music, as well as great trade shows. These include for example: moussem of Sidi Brahim Boulaajoul, moussem Rommani, moussem Chraga, the procession of candles of Sale, etc. ..

In addition, this ancient land of welcome and meetings, the RSZZ region offers original events at both national and international, mixing genres and leaving the door open to outside influences.

Such is the case Mawazine Festival, highlight of the city of Rabat for 9 years now, the Festival of Rabat which will celebrate its twelfth edition in 2010, the Film Festival in Sale, the Oudayas Jazz Festival, and Travel Week Khémisset cultural, etc ....

As for tourists, domestic or foreign, they will find a hi-end accommodation, across the 44 classified hotels in the area or the many guest houses, a haven of peace and coolness in the medinas of Rabat and Sale, they  can also dine at one of the 80 restaurants listed, offering a wide range of national and international cuisine.

Finally, visitors can finish their visit of the area, with a shopping spree at one or more of the 65 retail spaces and malls, which offer 74 franchises divided into 552 points of sale.

Ultimately, it is clear that through the major projects initiated, the capital of the Kingdom will experience a real transformation, which will create a new dynamic in terms of both upgrading infrastructure and in urban transport.

As such, a major project to upgrade urban transport has already been initiated, through two complementary components: the bus and tramway that allow them both to develop a system of collective transport, combining comfort, reliability and ecology.

Réalisé par : Marit