Hotel services

Let us point out first that on the regulatory front; the hotel sector in Morocco is governed by Law 61-00 on the status of tourist establishments and the Enforcement Decree of the said Act promulgated in 2002 and the new classification standards promulgated in 2003.

With 44 accommodation establishments classified in 2008 by providing tourists almost 6500 beds, the RSZZ region strengthens its position year by year as a prestigious tourist destination, as evidenced by the following results:

  • The occupancy rate of rooms in classified accommodation establishments improved significantly from 41% in 2004 to 50% in 2008, exceeding the national average of 45%. Even more remarkably, this rate reached 53% at the end of March 2010, against 43% nationally;
  • the number of nights has steadily increased from 534,453 in 2004 to over 730,000 in 2009, the RSZZ region thus achieving 4.5% of all tourist nights of the kingdom and for the first quarter of 2010, overnight stays in Rabat, which stood at nearly 148,000, were up 11% over the same period in 2009, confirming the recovery of tourism in the region
  • tourist arrivals stood at almost 344,000 new tourists at the end of 2008, including 228,000 foreign tourists, that is 66.5% of the total tourist arrivals in the region.
  • the city of Rabat is the main destination for tourists in the region (over 88%) and confirms its premium positioning, with the fact that 84% of overnight stays in the first quarter of 2010 were recorded in hotels rated 3 , 4 and 5 star.
  • Of the 148,000 overnight stays in the first quarter of 2010, 103,000 were made by foreign tourists, especially French (27,000) followed by nationals of Arab countries (8000) and then Spanish nationals (7000).

Source: Observatory of Tourism

The completion of several major projects, including development of the Bouregreg riverside, the development of the Rabat Corniche and that of the Beach of Nations at Bouknadel, as well as the evelopment of new tourism sites, including those that are in emerging rural areas (tourist resort Dayt Rumi), projecting the capital and its region into a major tourism vision.
Ultimately, the excellent results achieved by the region in recent years RSZZ puts it currently in 5th place of tourist destinations in Morocco.

HôtelsList of Hotels in the RSZZ region List of guest houses in the RSZZ region

Restaurant services

Celebrated and renowned throughout the world, Moroccan cuisine, has been enriched over the centuries with multiple influences, and is considered as an undeniable means of promoting the destination Morocco. Given their touristic character, restaurants are also governed by the law 61-00 and are classified by “forks" with four distinct categories:  
  • Deluxe
  • 3 forks
  • 2 forks
  • 1 forks
There are, in April 2010, 80 classified restaurants in the RSZZ region, totaling approximately 8110 covers, offering a wide range of national and foreign specialties.          (source: CRT) list of classified restaurants in the RSZZ region

Prefecture Skhirat Temara has 4 restaurants, all located on the corniche, which may serve 445 covers and offering mainly Mediterranean cuisine.

For its part, Sale has 2 restaurants with 2 forks, one located on the right bank of Bouregreg river, the other is in the new marina and both have a total capacity of 270 covers.

As for Khemisset, it has only one restaurant rated 2 forks, which can accommodate 60 people.

Travel agencies

Given the recent development of the tourism sector and the special place it occupies in the regional economy, recent years have seen an increase in terms of the creation of travel agencies.

Many efforts have been made by the Department of tutelage, to organize and regulate the profession of travel agent, in particular through the implementation of Law No. 31-96 of February 12, 1997, on the travel agencies statutes

In addition, changes in the pattern of behavior in domestic demand, which began using the services offered by travel agencies more and more, will only continue in the future.

The RSZZ region also has 69 travel agencies of which the vast majority are based in Rabat, 1 in Khémisset, 3 Skhirat Temara and 4 in Sale.

Pointing out finally that as part of a memorandum of understanding signed in 2006 between Morocco and China, there is a list of accredited Moroccan travel agencies for organizing trips and stays in that country.

Ultimately, a positive evolution for all performance indicators was recorded in the RSZZ region, in recent years.

It is clear that this performance could not have materialized but for a deliberate policy, and also a strategy involving training and qualification of human resources a central concern.

Training in Hospitality and Tourism in Morocco began with the creation of the first training institution in 1950, namely the Hotel School in Rabat (“Ecole Hôtelière de Rabat”).

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